About Us

The Grateful Child is a thought project with the aim of creating mindfulness and gratefulness in us all. We believe that by connecting children with others ‘grateful thoughts’ that we will be able to establish a new paradigm of appreciation in our society. To learn more of why we believe in this project, head to our research page:
Research Page

How you can help.
Surely you’re wondering how we plan to do this. The answer is simple, and it starts with you!
Ask your child what it is that they are most grateful for and submit it on our submissions page: click here
We will then compile these into a book that we intend to call “The Grateful Child.”
If you are interested in helping out we have a donation page. Your money will be directed towards development, and marketing of the book. There is no donation too small. Thank you from our team for your help making this dream come to life.